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Jewel Designs strives to design quality, professional and affordable
web sites for you or your business. The Internet is constantly changing
and keeping up with the latest trend is always important, but making sure your
web site is clear, concise and an actual benefit to you or
your business is, of course, the ultimate goal.

Think about the presentation of your site, if you have a lot of information
(i.e. products, etc.) then your information should be broken down into
multiple pages so that it's easily decipherable.
Some good questions to ask yourself would be...
Who is your target market? Why are people going to visit your site?
What is your expectation from your web site? To provide information,
to increase sales, publish your poetry?
These are good questions to start with,
and it may sound more complicated then it really is,
but consultation on page content is always included.

Because all business's are different, and design needs vary from client to client,
it is important to speak with you about your specific design needs
to give you an accurate quote,
please contact Jewel Designs for pricing...

~ Other services available by request ~

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