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Northwest Bird Club
The purpose of the Northwest Bird Club
is to join together people who share a
common interest in keeping and
breeding exotic birds in captivity..

Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch is a family business that has been providing top quality Christmas trees and nursery stock since 1957.

Yield Strategies, Inc.
An independent consulting company working directly with sawmills to
improve profits by getting top performance from existing and
new equipment.

"Leveraging combined years of
expertise to bring quality services
to businesses and residents who wouldn't otherwise have a choice
for broadband Internet."

Oregon Tinnitus & Hyperacusis
Treatment Center

Serving the needs of people who
suffer from chronic tinnitus & hyperacusis.

Taylor Wings, Inc.
Manufacturer of Quality
Products for Big Rigs & RV's-
...Graphic Design
Bob Dickman Tire Center
A local Les Schwab Dealer in Junction City, Oregon that caters to the RV and Motorhome Industry...

Scenic Jet Boat Tours
"Enjoy the Scenic Views of the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers with Scenic Jet Boat Tours. We take you along paths that most people don't get the chance to see"
"We are a relatively small breeding facility located in Oregon and we currently breed the largest selection of mutation colors in the US."

Hurd's Custom Machinery, Inc.
In business since 1947, Hurd's makes the most versatile, dependable bomb disposal transport trailers you can find anywhere.

Refocus Laser Engraving & Design
Providing custom laser-engraved plaques for kids sports, churches, clubs, community and corporate recognition, and quality desk and gift items that can be custom engraved.

Junction City High School
Located in Junction City, Oregon
...Design & Consultant

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